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Premium Medium snowboards built in an zero emission factory by a talented mutli-generational work force. With collection driven design theory, IPP redefines it's aesthetics every fall/winter season. Piloted by a passionate crew of riders who take their own line.





Launched in 2012 with a focus on building product with a “Premium Medium” ethos, drawing a line of a quality and design standard aligned with a timeless 7ply skateboard mentality, which we feel returns the onus of style and ability back to the rider. With a creative ideal of building collections that change every season, the third collection titled “Berserker” in some of the finest snowboard shops now. The Interior Plain Project is focused on taking its own line whether on the slopes or in the market. -No Promises -The Past's Future Now -Mastered By None

SHAPESHFTR focuses on the riding and allowing the IPP pilots to exhibit their own style and line, captured by a vast group of talented contributors including Riley Erickson, Ben McCabe, Colin Droster, Seamus Foster, Ryan Baker, Ryan Sheetz, Zack Rawles, Dan Tyler, Derek Combs, Chris Duncan, Eric Hinsperger, and Zak Peterson. This is an evolution of the pilots' point of view from a season of snowboarding on their own terms from the perspectives of Matt Boudreaux, Jake Moore, Erik Overson, Jon Overson, Peter Limberg, Kyle Kennedy, Nate Lavik, Jeff Gabrick, and Mike Skiba.

Style is the part of snowboarding that makes you feel something about another's movement. The Bloodlines Collection draws a direct line from your family rearing and upbringing to your personal style on a snowboard - from your early experiences to your first season pass to recent growth. All this shapes the style of each individual rider. True til death Filmed by Eric Schleicher Additional Filming Jake Durham and Ashley-Dawn Byrd Edited by Matt Porter  Additional Editing by Eric Schleicher Soundtrack By Zac Marben

The Berserker Collection aesthetics are inspired be the powerful illustration styles of skateboard/comic/manga graphics we've grown up with. While the short draws some style from the original team videos of the late 90's and early 2000's where teams, camaraderie, fun park features, and sessions often found their way into full length features. Mastered By None Filmed on location at Song by Radkey / Romance Dawn Filmed by Eric Schleicher Additional Filming Brett Spurr, Josh Becker, Daniel Tyler, T.C. Worley, Sam Duncan, and Craig Williams Edited and Motion Graphics by Autumn Line Studios Photography By Ryan Taylor, Sam Merkel, and Robbie Frank

Our Second Collection draws from "The Past's Future Now". Our involvement in riding stems from the shared perspective that it's amplified when done in cahoots with others. This mentality found us adventuring to Austria to link with new and old friends as we explored the piste, off piste, side country, and back country near Mayrhofen. And as all that is old is new, we filmed in 8mm and 16mm to add the depth of an analog feel that's hard to achieve in today's digitally-driven world. Song Balance by Future Islands

Dark Meadows is the inaugural collection from The Interior Plain Project. A union of fellow movers that are looking to head in a different route than those set by the present norms. With nearly three decades of involvement in riding at the anchor piont, this ship is set to lap this common stance. It's this which has always made snowboarding and it's goods unique. We are taking our own line. The Dark Meadows Collection draws inspiration from a visual perspective of covert evil: the shadows that move at the edge of the woods, silhouettes on a moonlit evening that can’t be accounted for, the eerie stillness before a massive storm. This initial collection will comprise of snowboards, tees, fleece, and headwear. Find the Dark Meadows collection at the finest Midwestern Board shops now. No Promises. Original Score by