Style is the part of snowboarding that makes you feel something about another's movement. The Bloodlines Collection draws a direct line from your family rearing and upbringing to your personal style on a snowboard - from your early experiences to your first season pass to recent growth. All this shapes the style of each individual rider.

True til death

The Interior Plain Project



Built with the “Premium Medium” ethos, having a great riding board will allow you to operate in all conditions and terrain.


Premium materials and quality fits are the focus. Locally printed and customized by skilled craftsmen/women.


Our focus is on personalities that deliver unique styles and points of view on and off the board.


The key to our culture, these shops stock our collections and are the backbone of snowboardings growth.


Artists across multiple platforms that come together to help shape each collection through skill, thought, and execution.


Always evolving, each collection is inspired by a common theme with curated icons, color, art, garment design, photography, and moving pictures.


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