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Premium Medium snowboards built in an zero emission factory by a talented mutli-generational work force. With collection driven design theory, IPP redefines it's aesthetics every fall/winter season. Piloted by a passionate crew of riders who take their own line.

Austin Julik-Heine

Austin Julik-Heine

Shop: Satellite Boardshop

The boys ( zsc ) had stayed at my house one night, I had to work at 7 am. I woke up to walk my dog and took Milla (Dylan's dog) and Jayce (zach's dog) with me. Fredi (my dog) and Milla were off leash and took off barking at something. I didn't think anything of it until I saw what they were barking at. I look up on the ridge if he valley and see a young female moose and fredi and Milla darting in between its legs, nipping at its underbelly. I call for them, and Milla being the good girl that she is comes back. Fredi, keeps barking and running around the moose. I tie up Jayce and fredi and slowly approach the moose. If anyone is ever in this situation DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! Fredi had no idea the amount of danger the two of us were in, she thought she was playing with a giant dog. Up until this point I had remained fairly calm, but fredi got behind the moose and it started kicking it's legs at her, I went full parent mode and moved closer towards the moose to try to grab her. The moose turned to face me and charged. I back pedaled but it was immediately right on me. I went onto my back as the front legs went over me, I thought I as going to die, the back legs connected with my upper thighs, fredi jumped over me. I sit up and saw the moose run off and fredi chase it off. I get up and started to run after them. Then thought twice. I grabbed the other two dogs and started to yell for fredi. Within minutes she returned, very proud of herself. I got back to the house, now late for work, but the dogs inside quickly tell the boys what happened and take off to work.

The plan had been to meet at spot I told the boyz about after I got off work. I get outta work meet up with them and end up getting my favorite shot of the year. A crazy day.