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Premium Medium snowboards built in an zero emission factory by a talented mutli-generational work force. With collection driven design theory, IPP redefines it's aesthetics every fall/winter season. Piloted by a passionate crew of riders who take their own line.



The Odessa



151 CM

153 CM

155 CM 

157 CM

159 CM 

A Premium Medium platform with added girth to accommodate larger feet, give a rider a larger platform and potentially some extra float. Built with triaxe glass and center line carbon stringers in the nose and tail on a 9mm camber line. Our custom milled Proper Profile core is finished off with a sintered base structure. The Odessa lies in between sidecut profiles of our Harrow and Honalee boards. With sizes range of 151, 153, 155, 157, and 159 it’s application is true to our brand and will ultimately be decided by the end user.

Six years ago I moved to Los Angeles in hopes of a better life. While some things have gotten better, being within a large metropolis is, for me, less than ideal. I found out that 30 minutes north of me, existed many miles of hiking trails and plentiful breathtaking views. I go up to a place every week called Mt. Wilson which also has an observatory and many TV and radio towers up there.

This is my kingdom. I am at peace when I’m up there. I can remove myself from Los Angeles and all of its overwhelming busyness. What makes for a perfect experience is when the mountains are completely draped in clouds and it feels as if you are on an alternate planet.. a planet that has nothing to do with social status and money.
— Cameron Strand