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Premium Medium snowboards built in an zero emission factory by a talented mutli-generational work force. With collection driven design theory, IPP redefines it's aesthetics every fall/winter season. Piloted by a passionate crew of riders who take their own line.



The Harrow


Harrow147 - Jake Moore.png

Jake Moore - 147 CM


147 CM


152 CM


156 CM


The Harrow is derived of the playful pop ideal. A profile milled to press and perform is layered up with our blended triaxial glass which couples triaxe and biaxe to give you the best of both while adding two centered carbon stringers from each the tip/tail to the inserts while finishing off with a sintered base structure. These “premium medium” materials with a longer riding radius on a true twin board with accommodating waist widths offers a playful yet poppy deck which delivers in many aspects of day to day riding.

On April 16th, 1997, my brother, Adam, was taken from this earth in a drunk driving accident. He was the one that I had always looked up to when I was younger. I wouldn’t been into 90% of the things I’m into now if it weren’t for him. 
Every April 16th and November 28th, which was his birthday, Mom, Dad, and I get balloons from the 99 cent store and we write messages on them for him and let them go out at the cemetery where he’s buried. We’ve been doing this every year since November 1997. On the base of the board is my Mom. Although the photos are unrelated to my brothers passing directly, when paired with the top sheet photos, everything makes sense. When you lose a child, you search everywhere for answers. You want to know why they were taken from you and if they’re safe in their new-found state. It’s only once you leave your own physical existence here on Earth that you will find out the true answers and hopefully be reunited with the ones that were taken too soon. 
My brother was my moms kingdom; her world.
— Cameron Strand